The picture shows a completed project in Blackpool. In order to bring the newly constructed wall up to the legal height Oakham Fabrications designed, constructed and installed new aluminium rails and posts. This installation demonstrates our ability to design and build rails and posts to suit any application or development.

This set of images shows the ‘work in progress’ timeline of a job in Fleetwood. The progress can be seen, start to finish, from site to workshop and through to installation back at site. A notable feature of this job was that, being a Memorial Park, a sympathetic approach was needed – for obvious reasons. A notable feature is the hand carved plaques, cast in bronze, of a soldier and sailor – a moving tribute.

This image illustrates the versatility of Oakham Fabrications. The brief was for a 500 Metre run of estate fencing and self-closing gates which was required to enclose a large pound area adjacent to Fleetwood Football Ground.

The picture shows a successful installation at Roberts Park, Saltier, Bradford. Here the original gate was defunct and the new one needed to be designed using old photographs of the original. Oakham Fabrications used these photos to produce an authentic copy of the original. Of course new castings were used but the same ‘old fashioned’ skills were employed to complete the job.