Cast Iron Fencing

The demand for armourments during the two wars last century resulted in the removal of cast iron fencing around our parklands and public gardens, for use as scrap in the steelworks.

During the latter part of that century and throughout this current decade, public and private funding, together with lottery heritage funding has brought about numerous restoration projects to return these areas to their Victorian and Edwardian grandeur. Oakham Fabrications are experts in metal restoration work.

Where minimal examples of historic metalwork still exist, Oakham has the expertise to both repair and reproduce architectural ironwork features such as finials, scrolls and other cast ornamentation, using our knowledge of the foundry industry to source a wide variety of metals, e.g. grey iron, ductile iron and steel, depending on the architects’ requirements.

In some instances, where only historic photographs of stately home gates and wrought iron railings exist, we have employed local artists to create clay or wooden models, from which castings can be produced.